My Top 5 iPhone Apps and iPhone Review

I’ve had an iPhone for 6 months now and I thought it was about time I did a review of it and listed my top five iPhone applications. Admmitedly I haven’t spent much time browsing the App Store so I haven’t seen all of the most popular apps, however these apps have saved me loads of time and kept me up-to-date with events:

  • iFooty – great app that helps you stay up-to-date with the latest football news and pulls in live match text from the BBC. Saves me loads of time checking the scores for the best team in the world!
  • Remote – allows you to control your iTunes from your iPhone.
  • Twitterific – Lets you post tweets/replies to Twitter and view your Twitter feed.
  • Facebook for iPhone – allows you to use Facebook functionality on your iPhone. My favourite (and probably most over-used) feature is the photo uploader, which lets you take a photo and upload it “live” to Facebook.
  • WordPress for iPhone – allows you to post to your WordPress blog using your iPhone.

iPhone Review

Over the past six months the iPhone has both delighted and frustrated me. The iPhone is not a great phone. It does not let you send MMS (although some say that being able to send an email is just as good), you cannot forward text messages or contact information, the camera quality isn’t great and it does not do video recording. However the ability to install great apps which increase your productivity and keep you ahead of the game make it a great accessory to have.

Think I’ve been fair? What are your favourite apps? Let me know in the comments!

I am now Google Adwords Qualified Professional

When I decided to join PushON just over 3 months ago one of the major reasons was that they would give me increased responsibility and also push me to do more personal development/qualifications. Last week (after much persuasion from Kat) I took and passed my Google Adwords Professional Exam.

The questions in the exam are pretty straight forward as long as you read through all of the learning material beforehand. As Mark mentioned in his blog post the other week some of the questions in the exam need correcting. All of the questions are multiple choice and they use a radio box where there is one only answer and checkboxes for selecting multiple answers however for several questions I was presented with checkboxes and not told how many to select!

Also, as many of you may have noticed I have updated the entire website so that the theme remains the same throughout the website – if you have any feedback/suggestions please do leave a comment or contact me :-)