3 Reasons Why YOU Should Be On Foursquare

If you don’t know what Foursquare is please read my previous post on how to view your Foursquare history in Google Earth.

  1. Citations – Google uses citations for Local Business Listings in the same way it uses Inbound Links for its local ranking algorithms. The more citations you have the higher probability you have to rank well in Google Local Business. Foursquare allows you to add your address and phone number to your listing which is enough to qualify as a citation for this purpose. Tom Critchlow has some awesome information about Google Local here.
  2. Link Building – You can leave tips on venue pages. Not many people have noticed that when you leave a tip you have the option to specify a link. These links are followed. For an example of these links take a look at my comment on the PushON Foursquare listing.
  3. Bing Maps – Bing recently announced that they’re going to be including Foursquare data in their maps. There is no reason why Google and other mapping website won’t start doing it.

Got another reason? Let me know!

Link Building How-To

Many SEOs have different ways of link building. Some companies buy links through third-party companies, these links are often not high quality and can sometimes cause problems (particularly with links from adult, gambling, warez or drug related sites). So how do we go about link building?

  • Contact related websites and see if they will link to your/your clients site. For example if you sell model aeroplanes, try to contact fan forums for links.
  • Submit to directories, there are several quality directories you should try and list your site on the most important directory (in my opinion) is Dmoz, however you should also look for industry directories. You can search for industry directories using a Google search for “industry directory”.
  • Check the backlinks of your competitors, ensure that if they have a link on a quality site you have tried to get one on too.
  • Create link bait, these are pages on your site that will attract linkage. To create link bait your site should be humorous, informative, controversial, useful or provide something no one else does.
  • Use dofollow blog search engines, these are search engines for blogs which have nofollow disabled meaning when you comment on the blog it will pass link juice back to your site. There are many dofollow blog search engines to choose from but you should make sure you leave good quality comments otherwise they will probably be removed during moderation.

There are of course many other ways of link building, however these are the main ones we deploy when working on a clients site. If you think I’ve missed a technique or you have another suggestion please leave a comment!