Integrate Magento with WordPress

If you're looking for a way to integrate the worlds greatest ecommerce platform (Magento) with the worlds leading blogging platform (WordPress) then you must look no further than the Magento WordPress Integration extension from FishPig. The Magento WordPress extension works…

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How to add related products in Magento

This tutorial walks you through how to add related products in your Magento store. The ability to add related products exists in both Magento Community and Enterprise edition. Instructions to set related products can be found below: Navigate to Catalogue…

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Magento Demo Data

Magento helpfully provides demo data (or sample data) for your Magento store. The demo data provides sample products and categories, which allow you to demo your store.

The sample data can be downloaded from the download section of the Magento website, under the Sample Data section.

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How to turn off comments in WordPress

This tutorial covers how to turn off comments on your WordPress site. To disable comments on your WordPress posts or pages you'll need to: Log into your WordPress administration area Navigate to Settings -> Discussion using the left-hand navigation menu…

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How to change your Magento theme

This tutorial covers how to change your Magento theme through the administration area. Whether you're using Magento Community or Magento Enterprise edition, you can change your Magento theme by following these instructions: Navigate to System -> Configuration using the primary…

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How to clear your Magento cache

This tutorial covers how to clear the Magento cache both manually and programmatically. Clearing the Magento cache manually Navigate to System -> Cache Management using the primary navigation menu Flush each of the Magento cache's and additional cache's using the…

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